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What to Wear for a Family or Group Photoshoot

When preparing for a family or group portrait, it is essential to choose simple clothes and ensure that everyone in the picture wears color-coordinated outfits. This doesn't mean wearing identical clothes but following a cohesive theme to make the overall picture harmonious. 

To focus attention on the faces and people in a portrait, it's advisable to steer clear of loud and busy patterns and any type of logos. It's best to opt for solid colors, as having different colors in groups can be distracting. Remember, the focus should always be on the subject of the portrait.

When putting together your outfit, start by choosing the tone of your clothing. Will you opt for cool tones (grays, blacks, blues...) or warm tones (browns, creams, light yellows...)?

Please remember the following style tips for photos:

Light tops in white or pastel colors pair well with khakis or jeans and give a casual and appealing look.

However, if someone in the picture has very pale skin, avoid using pale or white clothing, as it can make them look even paler.

Jeans are a timeless and casual choice. They are always fun and don't show wrinkles or panty lines.

For a more serious and thoughtful feel, consider wearing black or other dark-colored shirts, which also have a slimming effect.

Here's a helpful tip for your photoshoot: lay out all the clothes, accessories, shoes, and socks you plan to wear on a bed. Take a good look at everything. If an item stands out to you, it will likely have the same effect in a photograph. Consider swapping that item for something else.

I'm here to assist you with capturing any portrait you desire! Don't hesitate to reach out to me via email at

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