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Portraiture Types (part 1)

Updated: Jul 9

Portrait photography is undeniably one of the most beloved genres in the world of photography! And guess what? There are countless styles to explore! Here are 3 exciting portrait photography styles for you to dive into, with even more coming your way in the next blog!

Traditional Portraits

These timeless pieces beautifully showcase the subject's emotions and expressions, all while maintaining a classic look. And guess what? While the head-and-shoulders crop is a popular choice, there's always room for creativity and innovation in this genre.

Candid Portraits

Get ready to embrace the authenticity of candid portrait photography! Unlike more traditional styles, candid photos are all about capturing genuine moments between people. There's no staging or posing involved, allowing for a powerful insight into the subject's real emotions. The magic lies in the subject being unaware that they are being photographed.

Lifestyle portraits

Lifestyle portrait photography is all about capturing the beauty of people living their best lives every day! This amazing style is frequently embraced by brands in their advertisements to ignite a spark in their customers and motivate them to embrace the fabulous lifestyle being portrayed!

I'm here to assist you with capturing any type of portrait you desire! Don't hesitate to reach out to me via email at

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