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Portraiture and Fine Art Landscape Photographer

Updated: May 21

Welcome to My Photography Fine Art World

Hey there! I am a passionate fine art photographer (and brand designer) hailing all the way from Barcelona, Spain to the East Bay, California.

From Barcelona at "La Pedrera" Gaudi, Barcelona

My passion is in portraiture and landscapes! 📸 I live for those magical moments, fascinating people, breathtaking travel destinations, and the great outdoors, all seen through the lens of nuanced artistry where every detail shines brightly!

When I focus on photographing people, my goal is to capture genuine portraits in a captivating documentary style. 📷 My dedication to my art is unwavering, and I thrive on revealing the true essence of each and every person I photograph. My personal motto perfectly encapsulates my approach: I strive to bring out the authenticity and natural beauty in everyone I shoot!

Lifestyle Photography Session in San Francisco

When I venture into the great outdoors with my camera, I immerse myself in the beauty of nature, seeking out breathtaking landscapes that evoke powerful emotions and a timeless essence! And when I embark on photographic journeys to different travel destinations, my goal is to skillfully encapsulate the very soul of each place and the vibrant tapestry of its people, all through a captivating documentary lens!

Fine Art Prints

🎉 Welcome to my blogs! 📸 Get ready to dive into the fascinating world of photography with me! 🌟 From exclusive behind-the-scenes moments to breathtaking visuals that will ignite your creativity, I'm here to inspire you to explore the beauty of photography in all its forms. 💡 Let's embark on a journey together where you'll learn about different types of photography, unique styles, and the magic of composition, form, color, and so much more!

Raquel behind the scene capturing beautiful Seascape in California

Thank you so much for visiting! I'm thrilled to share valuable and informative information with you. If you're interested in booking a photography session, simply shoot me an email at Don't forget to drop a comment and subscribe to stay updated on all the exciting new blogs coming your way!


Raquel Creative

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