What is Brand Design, and how can I help you get your brand stablished?


Brand design is more than a logo and/or a graphic design printed piece. Those are just one small part of the brand.

You have a company with a great product or service to offer, now you need to build a brand, that is consistent across all media so it becomes recognizable. I m here to help you do that. Let me tell you more....

There are 9 elements that are part of the Brand eco-system. The physical aspects of your brand will show up in a lot of places. We can call this places brand touch-points. ​Website, email, digital marketing, social, video, conferences, out-of-home, e-comm, broadcast, print, content, affiliates ... there are million places where the brand will show up. We want to make sure the brand shows up in a consistent way across all of these brand touch-points. 


Let’s dive into it and learn more about the brand elements of the eco-system, and how I help you bring it all together.

1. Logo​s are simple and should not have more than 3 colors. It is the first piece we develop and will help us define font and color elements that are next.

2. Fonts have personality. Brands need at least one or 2 fonts to be consistent. We find the best fonts that fit your brand's personality.

3. Color palette have an incredible psychological power the mean things. We will develop a color palette. 3 or 4  colors that speak a lot the psychology and strategy behind your brand. ​

4. Layout creates a strong vocabulary that people will be able to recognize. I will help you create templates that are consistent across all media​.

5. Photography capturing a style is highly important to bring consistency into your brand

(+ animation, illustration and iconography). When I partner with you developing your brand, I also offer the service to capture your style.

6. Tone of voice the copy on your online or print presence becomes your voice. What is your brand voice, what's the tone? what does your brand sound like? is it formal, informal, is it funny?. Together we will make the voice of your brand being uniquely yours.

7. Pattern and texture, sounds

Many times people forget about these elements but they are also key in brand building. Think of the Iphone sounds. Can you recognize apple by those? That is one sound that apple made part of its brand.

8. Personal style

If you have something that makes you recognizable, example, hairstyle, glasses, earrings, clothing, voice....you can use it to build your brand also.

I can help you recognize those, and we can make them be part of your new brand.

Once we have all this elements, we pull them together, and we check how they look. We create the brand guidelines so then you can give to whoever is going to help you with your biz. so it stays consistent. 


Contact me to start your consistent brand today!


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