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Why Typography is important in branding

Typography is a critical part of any brand design, but it is not always well thought out.

You can design or create excellent layouts, pictures, and other graphic content but if the fonts of your work is not good on your products, it could easily turn off potential customers of your products and services.

Typography impact our experiences, has meaning, boosts your brand, sets the mood of your brand, conveys meaning, and may even change perception of what your brand represents.

Never underestimate or overlook the right use for typography in branding as it can make or break a brand by giving off the wrong brand image and message to consumers.

Typography is an art form that manipulates the significance of what it is communicating.

Due to its effects on the context of communication, understanding typography is especially important when developing a brand identity.

When we consider typography, it is not just about selecting and using a particular font, all typographic elements should also be arranged correctly in your design, the visual arrangement, the color contrast, the blank space, the fonts selected and size of the font. Every typographic element impacts your design on both macro and micro stage.

Typography is the style and way of presentation of the text. When a company is developing a brand identity, a persistent type of fonts should be used, each with a particular reason. Typography enables you to create a particular context and have a certain personality. It can be modern, old, peaceful, professional, shy or rigid just by selecting an appropriate typeface and creating it rightly.

Typography impacts experiences

People see your brand through words in many situations. Whether they are seeing a message on your print catalog or viewing online on your site or social media, it’s an experience for a customer. Branding is the experience customers have with your business, so in order to have a positive brand image it matters that you provide a positive experience to customers through your products or services.

Typography has meaning

Typography represents the tone, voice and values of your brand. Every category of the font has a different meaning and thus will portray a different representation of your brand and what your business stands for.

The purpose of having several font categories is that they all have a unique effect or tone.

Sans fonts are typically clean, clear, easy, simple to read on a big scale and perfect for several uses.

Serifs are more traditional or seem that way, but they are considered easy to use for the longer type of content which includes blogs and books.

Monospaced fonts are usually used in computer programming and coding. They give a feeling of technology to your design.

Script font are similar to handwritten. They feel more personal. They can differ from cute, modern brush lettering, to pretty elegant, stylish calligraphy.

Blackletter is linked with the gothic era and thus feels dim, nasty and a bit moody.

I can help you select appropriate typography which can help your brand in the promotion of your product or services. If you are ready for it, please message me!

Raquel Stanton,

Brand Creator

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