The story behind the new Brand Packages

Updated: May 2, 2018

After 20 years developing brands with Porro Grafik I felt I needed a new approach to the brand services I had offered then. I grabbed many cups of coffee, sat in my office and reviewed my current branding design offerings and brainstormed, and brainstormed some more. I compared, analyzed, thought a lot, and number crunched also. Got deep in the specifics and everything that goes into each service (which is a lot). I asked myself, what else can I be doing? Where can I add more value to the work I m doing? My priority was to evaluate and ensure I’m giving today my new clients what they need and clearly guide them toward building a clean, unique, cohesive, and successful brand.

One important change was to have packages that reach entrepreneurs, and business owners with varying budgets and at different stages in their businesses... I had to offer

all without compromising my creative process. It’s so important to me that every visual brand I design is not only beautiful but also has meaning, depth, versatility and intention behind it. This means, my brand research, and inspiration gathering phase would remain a part of all packages, and I will continue offering not just a logo or website but full brand styling with elements working together in a cohesive way. Something I strongly

believe in.

After much thought and research adding branding packages to my offerings for this new re-branded company was a no-brainer. I also had to ensure to give business owners a great experience and a lot of value. Offer the essentials of a visual brand, yet go beyond “just a logo”, and modify some package specifics to keep costs low and make it feasible for small budgets.

I’m excited to share this month my new Branding Packages, which are the result of all this restructuring and business energy searching. My goal is to reach more entrepreneurs who are on a budget, and provide more value to more established businesses and organizations.

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