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Social Media Marketing to Students

When we think about an audience that spends most of their time on social media: sharing images and videos, posting and using links, we instantly name teenagers as the higher users. Teenagers are, more often than not, students, either college level or high school level. There are ways to engage with this demographic through marketing keeping in mind the facts

Influencer marketing

is key to reaching an audience of students because to them an influencer is trustworthy giving their honest reviews on the product or company.

Brand ambassadors

Be active on Instagram and Twitter

It can be an intimidating task for a company to utilize social media platforms but according to Buffer’s State of Social 2019 report, there are three things that marketers should keep in mind when they use social media as their approach to advertising.

Keep the ad familiar

  • Don’t try too hard to get your ad to stand out on a person’s feed.

  • If you post an ad to a story on Instagram for example, make it look like other stories on the audience’s feed so it is familiar to the viewer.

Ad Specs are meant to be followed

Simple always wins

As a college student, when I am using Instagram I am not on the lookout for brands to pop out at me. However, a very effective strategy is utilizing brand ambassadors. When I see that someone I follow is preaching about a product he/she uses, it prompts me to use the link they provide to go check out the website. More often than not, I end up purchasing something. Students tend to believe the people they follow because they have respect for them and believe that they are genuine people. Using this to your advantage as a marketing strategy will increase your student audience.

Students are also impatient, they have a lot on their plate and don’t have long attention spans. Photos are great to spark a message, however, a video can send a message much clearer and if kept short and sweet, more effectively.

To finish off there are certain ads that will perk the ears of college students:

Personalized content

using the algorithm to know what they are interested in, what links they click on the most, and what photos they like, to use ads that cater to those interests.

Live interaction

Using social media for marketing is becoming more and more prominent every day, just remember that the audience you want to draw in, is mostly students.

Ariana Stanton

Blog Writer & Brand/Marketing Assistant

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