Logo Design & why they are key to building strong brands no matter how big or small your company is.

YOUR LOGO is the FACE OF YOUR COMPANY. Many times it is the first thing a potential or new customer notices about your business, whether they come across it on your website, social media, marketing piece or business card. It is the key ingredient to your company’s story and brand identity.

A well-designed logo is a simple way of creating a great first impression, communicating what your company stands for, what is your story and differentiating yourself from the competition.

This blog is 1 of 3. I tell you here the Logo Design Categories. On the next blog I will tell you the qualities of a great logo, and on the lost blog I will tell you about the design process to create the perfect logo.

1. Image-Based Logos

Image-based logos use only a symbol to represent a business. They are either: Abstract images like Pepsi as an example, or literal images that have been simplified and stylized, like the logos use by Nike, apple and Twitter.

These type of logos are simple, bold, and instantly evoke the brand.

The challenge with those is that in order to just have an image the brand has to first built up recognition. Small business can use them but they need to also have the text in order to first get recognized.

2. Text-Based Logos

Text-based logos use either the company name, like that of FEDEX, or an initial, like the UPS text-based logo.

Using the company name, is a good option for a new business, or a small business, to get people familiar with your brand.

3. Combination Logos

Combination logos incorporate both symbol and text into their design.

These type of logos are the most popular logos around. Even companies that only use the icon now started with a combination logo.

Why? Well, it makes logos easier to remember, especially when a company is new and the logo isn’t recognizable on its own. Once a company’s logo gains widespread recognition, the use of text becomes optional.

If you are starting a new company take great care of the logo. If well designed it will be worth the money invested up front.

Give me a call at 925 4824197 if you are ready to start with it.

Also, if you are already stablished company and your logo was never developed with special care, and/or needs to be improved. I m here to help. Call or email at info@raquelcreative.com

Next week we will learn the ingredients of a good design. Until then, Cheers!

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