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Logo Design - Qualities of a great logo to build strong brands

Updated: May 11, 2022

Qualities of a great logo

You have a good idea of the different kinds of logos commonly used by businesses. Let’s look at the qualities that make a great logo.

1. Simplicity

The best logos keep things simple because a simple logo is easy to recognize and remember, and easy to scale up and down without losing quality

2. Relevance

Great logos use fonts, colors, and symbols that reflect the image they want their brand to convey. A logo is relevant when it gives viewers a good idea of what a brand is all about.

3. Memorability

A logo introduces a business, so it needs to identify and differentiate that business from others, capture a potential customer’s attention, and leave a positive and lasting impression. This is why the best logos are also very memorable.

4. Thoughtful Use of Color

Color catches the eye, evokes emotions, and conveys messages. That’s why brands think carefully about what they want to communicate with the colors they use in their logos.

5. Cautious With Trends

Great logos tend to be classic rather than trendy, so aim to stand the test of time rather than jumping on a trend that may be transitory.

6. Versatility

Logos need to retain their quality, whether scaled down or up, in print or on the web. So the best logos are versatile and work in every context.

If you are starting a new company, take great care of the logo. If well designed, it will be worth the money invested upfront.

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**All brand logos shown here were developed by Raquel Creative

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