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Curious to know why so many photographers wear black?

Are you curious to know why so many photographers wear black?

Of course it’s a color that makes us look fabulous in many situations, and of course it can make us photographers look creative, mysterious, deep, artsy... Also, all black is best for being as invisible as possible at a photoshoot. That way we won’t stand out and take attention away from the main photo subject. 

But guess what? There are actually technical reasons why us photographers wear black. Catchlights and reflections.

Catchlights are those little reflections of light that get caught in a subject’s eyes. They are always there and they can’t be avoid it. If those reflections (the catchlights) were not there it would look unnatural in a subject’s eyes.

When doing headshots or portraits we, photographers, often use modifiers, and/or reflectors so we get a certain type and shape of cathlight in a subject’s eye, we actually might even plan what shape we want for certain headshots, and portraits.

If you check headshots, portrait photos you will see the modifiers but you won’t be able to find the photographer, because the black camera and black clothing are not reflective, so... we are hidden from view. We are”ghosts”, in a really good way!

Also note that this rule is not only for headshots, portrait type of photography but also applies to other type of photography. A clear example is when capturing cars. If photographers didn’t wear black they will be fully visible in the shoot.

So now... Next time if you contract me as a photographer know that I m just wearing black as a fashion statement :) I’ m wearing black to hide from the light and focus on you subject and not reflect on your eyes!

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