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Portraiture Types (part 2)

Updated: Jul 9

Portrait photography is undeniably one of the most beloved genres in the world of photography! And guess what? There are countless styles to explore! Here are 3 exciting portrait photography styles for you to dive into, with even more coming your way in the next blog!

Glamour portrait

Dive into the world of glamor photography, where we celebrate the pure beauty of every subject! From detailed hair, makeup, and styling planning, to ensure our clients radiate brilliance in every photoshoot!

Establishing a powerful connection with the subjects is the heart of glamour photography. Making them feel at ease, boosting their confidence, and crafting a cozy atmosphere are absolute essentials!

Conceptual portrait

Conceptual portraits are absolutely captivating and enigmatic, drawing you in with their mystery and ambiguity! The message within these images may not be immediately obvious, but that's all part of the intrigue. Each portrait aims to encapsulate a unique concept or idea, making the viewer ponder and explore deeper meanings. And let's not forget the magic of post-production - it's the key to transforming these portraits into surreal masterpieces that will leave you in awe!

Close up portrait

Get ready for an incredible adventure into the world of close-up – or macro – portrait photography! This exciting technique captures extreme close-up shots of your subject, often focusing on mesmerizing details like the eye. Imagine being right up close, engaging with your subject to create a relaxed and natural atmosphere that will truly make your photos pop with brilliance!

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