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Raquel is an amazing professional and her creativity, ideas and end results are best in class. I worked with her to help me build my personal brand and online presence and the feedback that I received was above expectations. The most memorable aspects of working with her was the joyful, honest and no nonsense approach that she brings to every single meeting.

Glenn Tjon —Innovation Strategist and Scale-Up Coach

As a result of the COVID pandemic, I began researching options for changing my personal training and martial arts business to address a broader and diverse audience. My previous efforts to market myself had consisted primarily of building a website and Facebook pages. These platforms offered a wide array of opportunities, but my understanding of maximizing this potential was limited.

In August of 2020, I contacted

Raquel Stanton

to review what I had done and discuss branding and marketing ideas. This decision was based on Raquel's work for other companies in my industry and their glowing testimonials. It was apparent in our first meeting that she was the right choice. Her knowledge of the wellness industry and marketing, photography, website design, and social media management provided everything I needed.

In the weeks following, Raquel produced several significant changes based on my criteria to extend the PedroBernardy brand. These included a business logo, a new website, enhanced social media presence, and, most importantly, a new business strategy with which to deploy it.

The results of our initial efforts were overwhelming, with over 1000 people reached on my new Facebook page within days of publishing. The photography, design layouts, and overall consultations have enhanced the reach of my services, strengths, and passion for this industry. My new website is beautifully constructed, easily navigated, and built to grow in functionality.

I will continue to work with Raquel to deliver the highest level of service and satisfaction to a growing clientele and enthusiastically recommend Raquel Stanton for both your business and personal needs."

Pedro J. Bernardy, NASM-CPT, CES Owner and Chief Instructor, RyuBuKan Dojo

"I’ve had a great experience working with Raquel capturing my residential architectural work. She is very professional, focused and dedicated. Her creative eye and feel for composition allow her to produce beautiful interior and exterior shots with great depth.
I am very happy with post-production results and efficient turnaround.
I look forward to working with Raquel in the future to generate creative insight to best market my architectural work."—Masha Barmina

"Raquel is amazing! Super talented and passionate about her work!!!
She works at lightning speed with such attention to detail. Raquel means business in getting out a project done for her clients whether you are looking to do a website, or photos or the whole brand package which includes logo creation and anything and everything else you may need for your business to be looking super on the web, Raquel has got it all!!!"—Anya, Owner of The Catalyst Fitness.

"I recently worked with Raquel to create my website, logo and photos for our law firm. She was fast past, creative and was always striving to make a great product. I was very pleased with the outcome and will recommend her to other business owners."—Daniel, Attorney.

"Raquel is a true professional.  She is inspired, dedicated, brilliantly talented and oh my goodness so efficient! She has been one of the greatest allies for my team creating potent and long-lasting products that have shifted how I am showing up in the world.  If she has the time to work with you, run don’t walk to get going as she is the best. I love her.”—Mel, Yoga Instructor.

"I am recommending Raquel because she is easy to work with. She understood that I did not understand how to put together a website on my own. She was patient with clear boundaries. We both knew what to expect. The payment was easy. Communication was often and quick. My finished product reflected who I am and what I do in a way that I am proud of. And I like supporting a woman that is growing her business."—Charlie, Yoga Instructor.

"Raquel is full of creative energy, preciseness, thorough, and very professional. She looks to represent and capture the best with her photos, Web Design, etc., and works tirelessly to achieve a level of high quality.
She works closely with her clients and is an 'all in' photographer, graphic designer, and then some.
I highly recommend her services, I highly recommend her ever-expanding expertise to be used to assist you in putting your best self forward for others to see."—Sara.


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